FRIENDS: Answers to the questions that no one asked

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The one with all the Questions and Answers

FRIENDS went off the air around 15 years ago but the popularity of the show has not faded a bit. People are still talking about it and in our case, writing about it. The obsession of this show is not going down anytime soon.

We came across some over obsessed fans who answered some questions about FRIENDS that most of us never even thought about.

Question: How much money did Joey owe Chandler?

In the season 8 episode, ‘The one where Rachel is late’, Joey reveals that Chandler has paid for almost every living expense of Joey. But the exact amount was never disclosed, we see that Joey looks at the figure and forgives Chandler for falling asleep in his movie.

A Reddit user ASmileThatKills (Account now deleted) did the calculation for us, factoring in rent, food, bills, and all utilities. Joey is known for eating a lot plus Chandler gives him money every time he goes on a date which Joey does a lot of time and also that Chandler pays for all the groceries.

The Redditor also factored in two sets of headshots along with his classes for acting, dancing and voice lessons. Adding all this together, the figure that he came up with was $108,760. He soon realized that he missed out on adding the cost of furniture that Chandler had to replace in episode 04 of season 02. Adding $5,500, the total amount came to $114, 260.

He later went on to add another $5,500 for the hernia surgery that Joey goes through after losing his health insurance. But not a lot of Friends fan agreed to it as the counter they came up was that Joey ultimately receives his health insurance and pays for the surgery on his own. ASmileThatKills concluded “Chandler basically funded the living expenses of a full grown man for 3 years in one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan, so it was pretty costly to him”

We can conclude by saying that, adding hernia surgery cost or no, Joey had a pretty huge reason for not staying mad at Chandler for a long time.

Question: How much coffee did every one drank?

The coffee house ‘Central Perk’ is an iconic and nostalgic place for Friends Fans. Gunther adds to the fun at Central Perk. We have also seen Rachel and Joey working at the coffee house and everyone enjoying coffee there in most of the episodes but the question is, how much coffee did the six friends drank in all the seasons combined.

Twitter user kitlovelace has posted this data on his Twitter account after watching the episodes again and again and keeping a tab on every cup of coffee every cast member has consumed.

kitlovelace noted all the scenes at central perk and outside central perk where ever there was a slight chance of the character having a coffee. He did not factor in some instances when it is said that Phoebe was consuming tea. He even broke the habit as per season and also calculated the cost of one coffee on basis of an episode ‘The one with five steaks and an eggplant’ where Monica gets a bill of $4.12 for one coffee and one scone, to $1.50 per cup.

I am telling you, Friends has some serious fan base that can go to any extent to find answers to questions related to the series.

Question: Who was the main character out of six ?

I am sure every one of you had a favorite character from the six but did you ever try to figure out who was the most important out of them?

Data scientist Yashu Seth has put his skills to work and has found the answer for all the fans, and the most important character out of the six is (drumrolls playing in the background) ROSS!

To come to this conclusion, Yashu downloaded the transcripts to all the episodes of the 10 seasons and used different parameters to find out the most number of lines spoken, the total number of words per character and the number of screen appearances both individual and otherwise. Here are discoveries made by Yashu Seth.

Ross and Rachel both had over 9000 lines across 10 seasons and Phoebe had the least approximately 7000 lines.

Ross and Rachel have spoken the most number of words.

Chandler beats everyone when it comes to Screen Appearances

This is where Yashu decided that Ross is the winner, His individual screen time exceeds from everyone else.

Rachel was mentioned a whopping 27 times in episode titles but Ross was behind only by 3 and got mentioned 24 times. Monica got only 8 mentions.

Other notable mentions
#1 – There was only one scene where Ross, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe were present without Chandler and Rachel when Chandler was stuck in ATM vestibule in the episode ‘The one with the blackout’

#2 – Chandler and Joey as a pair had the most number of screen appearances than any other pair.

#3 – Other than the 6 main cast, Gunther has the most number of screen appearances.

#4 – Out of all the scenes, Central Perk comprised of 16% scenes while 26% were shot in Monica’s Apartment.

#5 – Phoebe had the most number of screen appearances in scenes shot in Central Perk. She was a part of two-thirds of them.

You can read the entire blog here by Yashu Seth.

Question: How much did the cast earn ?

This is one of the most talked question related to the series. And let us tell you, they are still making a lot from the reruns of the show.

In the original contract for the 1st season, each one of them was paid $22,500 per episode. In the second season, the salaries ranged from $20,000 to $40,000. Before the beginning of season 3, the cast collectively negotiated for equal salary and was given the salary of the least paid actor which meant David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston getting a pay cut.

The cast was paid $75,000 per episode in season 3, $85,000 per episode in season 4, $100,000 in season 5, $125,000 in season 6, $750,000 in season 7 and 8 and $1 million in season 9 and 10 which made Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow the highest paid TV actresses.

According to several reports, Friends actors are still earning from rerun royalties. By the end of the series, it was negotiated that each cast member would get a 2 percent of back end profits. The hit series makes around $1 billion for Warner brothers, which gives the actors their 2 percent each which is $20 million every year. It is even more than what they made in the tenth season.

The main actors became so close to each other that they not just negotiated for the same salary but it also was recognized as the first truly ensemble show. They made efforts to maintain the ensemble status and not allow one member to dominate the show. They used to enter in the same category for awards and also asked to appear together on magazine covers. They became such close friends that even recurring guest star Tom Selleck reported that he sometimes felt left out.

Friends is one of the show where the people can connect with the storyline and also with the characters. There is just one question which no one has ever answered, Why did it have to end?

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