About Write It Bold

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

– Colin Powell

Write it Bold exists because I felt that after the 9 – 5 daily job and on weekends, I should do what I really love and something that I am really passionate about. I know what it is – Writing.

After spending a lot of time on Quora, I felt that there should be my own space where I can write my opinions and some original content that I keep writing for fun.

What can you expect from Write it Bold?

  1. A lot of articles on trending topics
  2. Originally written content by me or other writers I know.
  3. Reviews
  4. Tech articles
  5. Social Media write ups

What we expect from you?

  1. Lots of Love
  2. Lots of Support
  3. Lots of Feedbacks on Improvement
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  5. Share our articles with your friends and family if you love them
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Get on the ride with us, I promise we won’t let you down.